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Monday, September 01, 2014

Now What, Part 2.

Well you let your plan sit for a while but now that you have thought about it, ideas keep popping into your head. Maybe no ideas came and you just became worried if you thought to much about it!!! No big deal either way. People react differently when the subject of emergencies, disasters or a 'bad day' is brought up. Lets bring your thoughts either up to what is just some common things we all should do or back down from planning for the alien invasion.

For those of you on one end of the spectrum, "I don't want to think about this!", you are usually better at doing these things then you think. Why? Because you are not going to get online and buy three hundred military meals and call it a day. You tend to think things out a bit more than some of us. Let's address what you can do this coming week, which won't cause the "I don't want to think about it." reaction. We can plan for all kind of 'crazy' situations but let's focus on ones we might face tonight.

I know they remind us to check our smoke alarms twice a year. Have you done it? No really get up and go check, I'll wait............... Ok no big deal, right? Your smoke detector works and you know the family is a little bit more prepared if a fire happens. Do you have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen? A lot of fires in the home start in the kitchen when folks are cooking. Should one happen and you have some way of putting it out quickly you end up with a good story to tell at the next party. Just pick up a small one. Make sure you read the box it needs to be one you can use of grease fires!!!! Remember, water and oil do not mix! You could spread the fire using water!

Here is a link to amazon where you can get one.

Now you have done the basics of planning for a home fire!!!!!!! See not a big deal and you should have just a little bit more piece of mind knowing you have insured your family is a little safer. Let's add to this.

How do we get everyone out if there is a fire? How many exits are there from your home? Do you live on the second floor?

For this plan every opening in a wall counts as an exit. Kids need to know it is ok to use a window as an exit if there is a fire. This is real important if they are old enough and big enough to get out on their own. You do not want them afraid of getting into trouble for climbing out an window during a emergency!!!

If you sleep on a second story or live in an apartment on anything other than the ground floor do you have a safe way to get to the ground? Jumping down if you do not know how to do it is not a very good idea. You become a casualty and could add to the problem. A simple ladder which attaches to the window will do the trick and help make sure everyone is in one piece when they reach the ground.

Here is link, yes on amazon. I love amazon!!!

Now let's review. We have made sure we have an early warning system incase something bad is happening while we are asleep, we have a way to stop a small problem from becoming a larger one and we have a plan with the means to get everyone out if there is a fire in the home. Good to go!!!! All that for just some brain using and costing under a hundred bucks!

Now what?

Where does everyone met to get a head count? Maybe the mailbox can serve this purpose? Everyone knows where it is and in most cases the mailbox will be a relatively safe distance away to allow you the time needed to get a head count. With everyone out and accounted for whatever happens to your house or apartment does not matter! Let it burn, heck ask the neighbors if they got stuff to make smores with! All that is in there is stuff and stuff can be replaced.

Let's take this out to the next step. Do you have insurance? Is it up to date and paid? Do you have friends or family you can stay with for a day or two? Who would you call?

Now take a moment, open a blank document or the one you were using to write down ideas after reading the prior post and write down your answers to everything we just read about. Then go back and write down your answers to each of the items brought up. Guess what? You just wrote your plan for a house fire!!!!

For the other end of the spectrum.............. slow down on buying 300 MREs and 20,000 rounds of ammo! We need to focus on this first

Before we worry about this!!!!!

Take note of the burning buildings people would have to get out of before they could lay waste to the alien invaders!!!

Now that you have a good idea on how to start making plans I'll try and show you a way to organize the planning in a format to make sense in the next post. Till then, as always

Stay Safe!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Now what?

People find themselves in situations every year which are considered emergencies. These can range from car problems to tornadoes and everything in between. The idea of this post is to help you take the first steps which will go a long way toward ensuring you, your loved ones and others can come through these types of situations with a good story to tell while at the party later.

The most important thing you can do in any of these situations is realize they can happen. You would be surprised how many people really do not want to even think about something bad happening, until it is past the time they can do anything effective about it. Just by acknowledging things happen you have gotten over the first obstacle. People will try to deny anything can happen, refuse to discuss it and then live in shock when something does happen. Don't allow yourself to be caught up in this loop of usless thought! You might find yourself mentally or even physically frozen in place when you least can afford to be.

Prior to something happening take some time to play "What if?" scenerios with yourself.

"What happens if my car breaks down?"
"What happens if there is a fire in the kitchen?"
"Who gets the kids from school if somthing happens?"

There are thousands of question you can ask yourself. Do not allow yourself to go to far down the rabbit hole! Stick to a few; "What is most likely to happen where we live at?" (I live in California, easy to figure that one out, fire.)
"How would we react if this situation happens right now?"

Take stock of what you would do and what you have on hand if the number one situation you could think of happens tommorrow or even right now. Do you have even the frame work of a plan in your head?

No? Then make a rough one right now. Get a peice of paper or open another screen and write down what the situation is. What would be your first reaction? Is a large storm coming and you have to leave? Where would you go? Do you have gas? Can you get there in one quick drive? We are not making a complete and detailed plan right now, we are just sketching out an idea.

You know the details of your situation better then I do. There is no way I could sit here and write in detail what you should and shouldn't have. What I am trying to do is get you to think about what you would do, what you have to work with and what you need to do to imporve your prepardness.

Take your rough idea or plan and put it away. Two days from now pull it out and look at it. Does it make sense to you after two days? Do you understand what you were writing? Adjust what you wrote to have it make sense to you now. Add anything to the plan you have thought of while it sat or has popped into your head while you read your plan. Start to flesh out your rough idea into some sort of plan. These things can be a detailed as you want them, after all this is what you plan on doing when something happens! Put the plan away for a week and then take it out again. Does it still make sense?

Now while the plan is growing don't sit around doing nothing. Buy a case of water. Pick up a map covering your route to and from work. Do something else proactive to help you is your number one situation happens right about...... wait for it...... NOW!

Stay Safe!!!